Dark Sword Show Off More Visions of Fantasy

September 17, 2012 by brennon

Dark Sword Miniatures have a host of new models for you to add to your collection. Check out the rather extensive wave below that ranges from anthropomorphic adventurers, to Elmore inspired warrior women. There are even a few special edition pieces...

Scottish Wildcat Warrior

Matron SteamPunk Guinea Pig

Goat Swashbuckler

Female SteamPunk Guinea Pig

Female Possum Druid

Some great animalistic warriors there. My favourite is the Wild Cat Scottish Warrior, a proper clansman that I would be proud to have in my collection. Dark Sword certainly cater to the wild and wonderful, so take your pick!


Male Ranger with Bow

Female Shaman

Female Pirate with Sword

Female Pirate with Glaive

Female Mage

Female Mage or Druid with Staff

Female Elven Fighter

Barbarian Queen


Next is the selection from both the Elmore collection, and their general role-playing miniatures. Internet points to the people who can work out which one is from Dragonlance! Plenty of miniatures for all kinds of collections here.

Dark Sword 10th Anniversary Male Fighter with Two Handed Dark Sword

Dark Sword 10th Anniversary Dennis Mize the Samurai with Rescued Damsel Tribute

And last but not least are these two special edition miniatures both celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Dark Sword Miniatures. The second is also special in that it commemorates Dennis Mize who was the first sculptor to sign with the company. The Male Fighter with THE Dark Sword is also a pretty awesome model!

That's seventeen miniatures to choose from, as well as the rest of their astounding range!

Which one will you take home with you?

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