Dark Sword Unveil The Book Wyrm & More Fantasy Heroes

March 25, 2016 by brennon

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We took a look at the Book Wyrm from Dark Sword Miniatures a while back when it was still being sculpted. Well, the time has come and it has been exquisitely well painted up by Susan Wachowski and is now available to buy...

Book Wyrm #1

Book Wyrm #2

This is a truly amazing looking miniature that is going to set all of those painters out there in fire when it comes to how they're going to paint not only the dragon but the little library too. I can't wait to see where this goes when other hobbyists get their hands on this.


As well as the Book Wyrm we have some more heroes for you to consider. The first of these is the Female Archer.

Female Archer

This is a cheeky looking archer from Dark Sword that looks like she could fill the role of a Rogue or Ranger on the tabletop. I love the stance, the appropriate outfit and the expression on her face is priceless. Following along from her we also have the Female Dragonkin Mage.

Female Dragonkin

We don't see much in the way of Dragonborn(kin) these days so it's great to see Dark Sword expanding on the range available to us. She certainly isn't wearing as much as the Archer BUT I imagine those scales offer some protection. An amazing sculpt and a fantastic paint job.

Last but not least we have someone who might end up being the omega of the role-playing team. Meet Rosloff The Wererat.

Rosloff The Wererat

I could see this fellow being pat of your adventuring party or maybe an NPC who is trying to sneak up on your heroes only to mess up and end up scrabbling away from you before being caught. A snivelling informer to lead you towards the main foe?

Bestial Warriors

The range of anthropomorphic warriors continues to grow as well with both the Polar Bear Warrior and the St. Bernard Warrior.

Polar Bear Warrior

St Bernard Warrior

The Polar Bear is my favourite of the two as I like the native and nomadic quality of him. He also looks like a proud and noble fighter who finds honour in battle. The St. Bernard is a little bit more heroic in his appearance and looks rather proud of himself.

I bet he does a fair amount of rescuing on the slopes.

What do you think of their offerings?

"Last but not least we have someone who might end up being the omega of the role-playing team. Meet Rosloff The Wererat..."

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