Dark Sword’s Tony DiTerlizzi Kickstarter Funded & Looking To Stretch Goals

June 9, 2015 by brennon

The newest Masterwork Collection hit Kickstarter for Dark Sword Miniatures yesterday and it's already funded! The Tony DiTerlizzi Collection is focusing on bringing his amazing Fantasy artwork to life with a wonderful range of characters. I've picked out some of my favourites below...

Mighty Heroes!

As you can see below the models are already looking stunning. What I really like about DiTerlizzi's artwork is that it has a wonderful storybook quality to it where the realistic is meshed with the cartoon to create characters that look as if they've been shaped by the Fantasy worlds they inhabit.

Core Miniatures #1

Core Miniatures #2

The Herbalist below is one such character. He has the look of a traditional human but the long drawn face and the large nose give him that uncanny look of someone who, while human, has a touch of the magical about him and isn't quite like the rest of us. It must be all the mushrooms!

Core Miniatures #3

It isn't just the traditional heroes getting sculpted up by Dark Sword though and they've got some amazing looking Goblins and other creatures line up too. Below is Sluggort and further down the page you'll also spy some more of their Goblin range as stretch goals.

Core Miniatures #4

All of this IMMEDIATELY makes me want to role-play in this world where creatures and characters have almost been touched by the influence of Ralph Bakshi. I think you can see his influence in some of the character design, especially the creatures.

Stretch Goals

As mentioned above there are of course some stretch goals for the backers to focus on now. Two of the recent targets are below but by the time you read this they might have already been achieved!

$19k The Cleaver, Maggorm & Glug

$22k - Hans The Loner

Finally a note on the material. All of the models will be cast in pewter so there's no plastic in sight here; just good old fashioned metal. It's going to be awesome seeing what Jessica Rich can do with the painting of this range as she always does a top job on other models in the Dark Sword range.

We'll be keeping a close eye on this one!

"What I really like about DiTerlizzi's artwork is that it has a wonderful storybook quality to it..."

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