DarkSword Celebrate Winter With a Beautiful Maiden

December 16, 2014 by dracs

DarkSword Miniatures have come out with a special sculpt to celebrate the drawing in of the days in the depths of winter. It's time to celebrate with their Winter Solstice Maiden.

Winter Solstice Maiden

Winter Solstice Maiden Back

Dressed in an elegant, fur trimmed ball gown and carrying an ornate mask, this model is the very picture of seasonal sophistication.

DarkSword have done a superb job sculpting the gown itself, with plenty of detail and opportunities to test your shading skills.

Winter Solstice Maiden Alternate Paint

I just can't get over how good the painting on display here is, especially the intricate patterns on the front of the dress. It really helps to show off the model and show just what is possible with the sculpt.

Will you be celebrating the Winter Solstice with DarkSword?

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