Dark Sword Go Adventuring With Many Fantastic Foxes

July 14, 2013 by brennon

Dark Sword Miniatures have pushed on with their releases for July. Check out the figures both human and animal below. I think they have decided it's going to be fox month. Check out the online store for more...


Hooded Assassin

Harem Girl

First up we have the humans. At the top we have the Samurai and below that the Hooded Assassin and Harem Girl. Of the three I think my favourite is the Assassin, he has the perfect look for a role-playing hero.

Rabbit Warrior

Male Fox Rogue

Happy Baby Panda

Fox Warrior

Female Fox Rogue

Next up we have this dazzling array of animal heroes. They really do seem to love foxes this month. Despite all the foxes I think the Rabbit is the best of the bunch and just in case you don't believe it, yes the Panda is a real model.

Are any of these heroes leaping out to you?

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