More Mighty Heroes Join The Ranks Of Dark Sword Miniatures

July 12, 2016 by brennon

Dark Sword Miniatures have shared ten new models for a variety of their ranges over on their webstore. We'll kick things off with some regular adventuring folk who might just fit into your next role-playing session.

Fantasy Male Cleric

We start things off with this rather brutal looking Cleric who seems like he has seen a fair few battles in his time; clutching his holy symbol at the ready. Following on from him we have another powerful individual, their Human Mage.

Male Wizard

We took a look at the Demonkin Rogue earlier in the year and now this has also joined their collection as a new release.

Demonkin Male Rogue

We finish things off for these Dungeons & Dragons worthy adventurers with another Human Fighter/Mage who looks like he might be more at home within the world of Flash Gordon.

Male Fighter Mage

I imagine that he might be a bit of a Barbaric individual but he certainly has this quirky old school look to him.

A Bewitching Courtesan

Following on from them we have another single release for the Song of Ice & Fire collection with this Courtesan.

Female Courtesan (SoI&F)

I imagine that this woman comes from the sands of Dorn considering her dress and the basing they've gone for here. Certainly an interesting choice for a new scenario.

Animal Adventurers

As always they are continuing to build on their animal adventurer collection too. Kicking things off we have the Owl Warrior...a wise fighter.

Owl Warrior

He is followed by this tricky Otter Rogue who has a bag of loot, hauled from the castle of some villainous lord. He is matched by his Otter Mage companion too.

Otter Rogue

Otter Mage

Additionally they have some rather awesome Turtles too in both a Bardic form and also a Warrior too. Both of them are looking fantastic.

Turtle Bard

Turtle Warrior

The Turtle Warrior is looking great; an exotic looking warrior with a nasty looking axe that seems like it has seen a few battles. I like that he has his natural armour too covering his chest and the actual armour pieces protecting his flesh.

What do you like from this set of releases?

"We start things off with this rather brutal looking Cleric who seems like he has seen a fair few battles in his time..."

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