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Wyrd Expand Darkness Comes Rattling With Two New Heroes


Wyrd Games are previewing War of the Spirits, the upcoming expansion for Darkness Comes Rattling, with a look at two new characters.

Wyrd Announces Two Exciting Upcoming Board Games


Wyrd is ramping up to set the Gremlins of Malifaux loose in a wild and crazy board game, as two new board games have been announced for future release from Wyrd Games.

Darkness Comes Rattling Review – Adding Fantastic Storytelling To A Boardgame


Come with Dawn and have a look
at Wyrd’s new boardgame, Darkness
Comes Rattling.

Not your average board game; this
story-rich adventure offers players
an almost RPG-like gaming experience
neatly packaged in one lovely box…

Peek At The Rules For Wyrd’s Darkness Comes Rattling


Now players can journey into a cooperative board game from the creative minds of Wyrd Games. Darkness Comes Rattling offers both solo and group play options and this week players can visit the Wyrd Forum to download the rules and have a look!

Get Wild & Wolfy With Lupe From Wyrd’s Darkness Comes Rattling


See what you make of one of the Warriors of Man that will become part of an elite team of adventurers seeking to thwart darkness in a new board game from Wyrd.