Get Wild & Wolfy With Lupe From Wyrd’s Darkness Comes Rattling

April 29, 2015 by brennon

Darkness Comes Rattling is the new co-operative board game coming out later this year from Wyrd and the latest preview is of one of the warriors from the set, Lupe...

A Wild Woman

The one thing I'm really looking forward to with this game, apart from finding out more about the mechanics, is how these models are going to turn out as playing pieces since if the artwork is anything to go by we're in for quite a treat.

Lupe & Lupe (Spirit Wolf)

As you can see she not only has her powerful human form but when she dies she becomes a spirit animal, in this case a wolf, and can still then help the other heroes battle the Darkness with her additional skills. It's great to not have a terrible player elimination mechanic in the game.

What Is Darkness Comes Rattling?

In an earlier preview Wyrd went into more detail about this game and showed off one of the Challenge Cards which make up the main bulk of the experience. Made in conjunction with Kevin Wilson this is a co-operative board game where you're all trying to fight against the Darkness in a fast paced and relentless game.

Darkness Comes Rattling (Challenge)

In the case of the Challenge above the players had to get over 17 (marked under the red swirl) and rolled 3d6 in order to do so, adding any bonuses they might have from one another and weapons in their possession.

This sounds like a fascinating game with plenty of opportunity for superb models and artwork so I can't wait!

What do you think?

"The one thing I'm really looking forward to with this game is how these models are going to turn out!"

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