Do Ye Needs Some Pirate Terrain?

September 26, 2011 by beerogre

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Not many of us have a pirate themed table just knocking around and even fewer have the luxury of a BoW-style gaming table that can be converted on que.

So let's have a look at what you can do by way of papercraft terrain and have a look at our pal Dave Graffam's website and see what he's got.

The first thing to jump off the page is the Maratime Bundle.

This contains a good mix of buildings, most of which are quite tall and would make an excellent boarder to a 4'x4' table. My idea is to have two adjoining edges of the board leading to a wharf (probably made using some wooden stirrers from the local coffee shop) and water, while the other two edges lead into a port city. Hence the tall buildings will indicate where the proper city begins... no self respectin' pirate wants to go there... too many Kingsmen for their own good!

Next then I'm going to need some boats to decorate the wharf... I see we have two... a Patrol Boat and a Smuggler's Rowboat.

With the Patrol Boat you also get some crates and casks, so I'll probably go for that set, so that I get some scatter terrain to add to the board, although I could just go for a complete set of Cargo Bales, but I think I'll settle for the Patrol Boat for the time being.

Finally I'm going to need some buildings to fill the centre of my board. There are some smaller buildings in the Maratime bundle that will suit and there's always the free download of the Hovel to fill up space. However, I want a couple of building with a bigger footprint, possibly with a stairway (although I can make this out of foam)... the Warehouse model seems to fit the bill... no stairway, but again, I can build one if necessary.

The good thing is this sort of board will work for any sort of historical or fantasy skirmish. I'm even considering making a modular board and building the models on 1'x1' sections so I can rotate them and reposition to mix them up... hmmmm... decisions... decisions!

What do you think ye swabs... shud I make it?

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