Fight To Survive In Dawn: Rise Of The Occulites

July 1, 2013 by brennon

Eagle Games have a neat and quirky looking Kickstarter in the works to bring their game Dawn: Rise Of The Occulite to the tabletop. It looks fun and insanely odd at the same time, so a perfect combination!

Dawn - Rise of the Occulites

This awesome little game has all these fun and weird looking miniatures but it's actually a bit of a hybrid board game too. You'll be taking on the role of leader for one of the tribes in the game and through evolution, development and of course a bit of fighting you'll fight to become dominant!

Ignis Tribe

Palaudis Tribe

Above you can see two of the oddball tribes within the game, and there are plenty more where that came from. You will also see an introduction video at the top two where the designer goes into a bit more detail about this game.

It sure looks like it has a quirky fun side to it and they are very close to hitting their target (at time of writing). I'm interested to see more about this game and the models are very charming.

Are you getting drawn into Dawn?

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