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May 26, 2014 by crew

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A lot of people have been saying stuff about the Enforcers. The so called “Rebellion” call them villainous jack-booted thugs. The Marauders claim they are their sloppy seconds; a sad replacement. But who are you going to believe? They call themselves the “Marauders”, they call themselves the “Rebels”. Are these names of groups that want Peace and Safety in the Galaxy? Enforcers keep the peace in the galaxy and I deny anyone to say that these fine folks aren’t doing just that. No really, I deny you to say it! Would you want “Rebels” or “Orx” maintaining the peace? I think not. So let us focus on these great Peacekeepers and give them the due that they are deserving of.

Enforcer Faction

Team Enforcer

The whole Enforcer command structure sits on the shoulders of one magnanimous man; The Enforcer Captain in his magnificent Peacekeeper armour. This man keeps the men straight and arrow-like to pierce their enemies. Like a walking tank this leader wades into battle almost as if he should actually just be a large unit and not the actual leader of the squad. We salute you grand Captain!


Next in line of command would be the Enforcer Sergeants. Once again a leader who can hold his own in close combat situations. No enemy will jump on these men without tasting an energy gauntlet to the face.

Assault Enforcer

Speaking of close combat, the Assault Enforcer job sounds great, but he has to get up close and personal to do it. He has to get face to ugly face with the gangrenous Plague. He exposes himself to their disease in a way no other Enforcer would choose to do! (Corporate Editor Note: No Enforcer has ever been exposed to the Plague. Such a thing is not possible.)


The glorious Enforcer Sniper clears the battlefield. His brothers in arms knowing that they can do their Peacekeeping duties thanks to his eye in the sky. The Sniper’s benevolent gaze looks upon all. Keep up the good work soldier. We know your job is thankless but without you the Enforcers would be at a deficit.

Enforcers are sometime equipped with special weapons to deal with various threats. Ranging from the devastating anti-vehicle Missile Launchers to the effective Burst Lasers, Enforcers are always ready for every eventuality. The future might hold actual threats to the Enforcers; but probably not.

Missile Launcher

Burst Laser

Another Enforcer unit is the Engineers. With their little drones, data pads and whatnot these guys help out where they can. You go little guy.


Among the other Enforcers yet to be deployed into the field yet are the Flamethrower units, Medics, Defenders and Enforcers with Thermal and Fusion weapons. The effectiveness of these unit has yet to be determined but we can assume they will uphold the honour and relentlessness that the Enforcers are known for. Also the top secret rumoured Striders are yet to be fielded. What more could one squad ask for?

Defender Peacekeeper


And lastly we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the heart of every Enforcer unit which is of course the Enforcers themselves. Without these men providing support for the specialist there just wouldn’t be a squad.

Content Redacted

When you are sitting at home in your corporation provided HabCube, watching the big Dreadball game on the holo-viewer, eating your food supplement paste remember the streets are clean and safe, everyone has jobs and is taken care of, the hover-trains run on time. You don’t have to worry about shifty Asterians coming down your streets in their mindless automaton horrors. No smelly Forge Fathers will be crawling out of your sewers. And where do you think this safety comes from? Do you think there are security fairies that come out of the Aether to protect you? No there are hard working men and woman who have dedicated their lives to keeping you safe and secure. Would you rather have the Corporation Marines running around trying to save you from the ever expanding menagerie of aliens looking to take what you have? Those guys are fine for garrisoning far off mining worlds but it is the Enforcers who do what has to be done to keep the gears of society greased.

Azure Forest

The Enforcers also make sure the GCPS has room to expand. Don’t you want more resources coming into your homes? When you are shaking exotic spices into your lattes remember who took the planet that those spices were grown on. When you want to go to a Yndij hotel to sleep in a hammock among the trees and catch an Azure Forrest Dreadball game who do you think keeps the natives at bay?


Remember when people say that the Enforcers are just merciless, death dealers out to eradicate the alien scum from the universe just look into the face of your innocent child. Who knows what peril that child would be in without the Enforcers? They could be serving tea as concubines to their menacing Teraton masters. The Enforcers keep that from happening. The Enforcers are enforcers of law and order. They are not enforcers of tyranny and despair. They are your sons and daughters. They are Peacekeepers. They are Enforcers.

Rob Harper & Jack Fyke

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