Deadzone Is Coming & Here Is A Taster Of The Models!

September 18, 2013 by brennon

As some of you folks will know Deadzone is coming sooner rather than later this year and Mantic Games have taken this chance to show off a few of the models you will be able to get your hands on.

Deadzone Teaser #1

Deadzone Teaser #2

As you can see they have already previewed some of the epic models for both the Forge Fathers and that epic Predator style figure who will be stalking the planet surface. However thanks to Mantic Games turning up at Titan Games in Lichfield we have some more shots of what you can expect...

Marauder Team

Infected Terraton

Deadzone Heroes #1

Deadzone Heroes #2

That's some ace looking models and no mistaking it. I love the mass of stuff that Mantic have already churned out for this game and when you see these previews you know they are going to be right on track when the game actually launches. All you backers are probably getting a tad excited right?

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