More Deadzone Faction Troops On The Way From Mantic

March 25, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games have shown off a few more interesting bits and pieces for Deadzone in another Kickstarter Update. One of the coolest things is their impressive Forge Guard suits!

Forge Guard

Now those are some of the coolest looking suits of armour I have ever seen. I'm fairly sure it will be worth the wait for these to come out and finally Warpath players will have access to them too. I might even find a way of working them into my Space Wolf Warhammer 40,000 army.

Landing Pad

In other news see what you think of this gorgeous looking piece of terrain that makes a landing pad for you to fight over. One thing that I love about the Deadzone terrain is that it's useful away from the play mat and because of it's variety and ease of use can be great terrain that tells quite the story.



The other factions are also getting some love and above you can see the renders for both the Asterians and the Enforcer Peacekeepers. This of course means a fancy new faction on the cards very soon and some brilliant models ready to join your Enforcers in the cleansing of the Plague.

Deadzone is getting better and better!

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