The Deadzone Kickstarter Goes Live!

April 26, 2013 by brennon

The Deadzone Kickstarter from Mantic Games has gone live and without much ado here is a bunch of the awesome imagery that you can expect to be picking up in miniature form soon enough!

Deadzone Contagion"Players control one of four unique factions, battling it out over scarce resources by combining deadly actions to lethal effect. The sci-fi backdrop of Deadzone is brought to life using the new modular Mantic Scenery Range adding a vertical dimension to your games and incredible customisation to your battlefield. No game need ever look the same!"

Yes you did read four different factions...

The Enforcers

The Plague

Rebs Team

Marauder Team

Above you can see the teams for the Enforcers, Plague, Rebs (Yes the Rebs look fantastic!) and the Marauders each fighting for control in this already epic looking game that has got to $24,000+ already!

Plastic Terrain

As well as the models Mantic also have loads of awesome terrain on offer that is plastic and can be used in a variety of different ways to prepare the board you want to play on.

There will of course be plenty more to come on Deadzone but for now start pledging! Watch the video on the Kickstarter page too for a lowdown of what Deadzone is all about.

It's looking great!

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