Deadzone Goes From Strength To Strength On Kickstarter

April 29, 2013 by brennon

The Deadzone Kickstarter from Mantic Games has gone from strength to strength over the past few days. It reached it's goal within half an hour of going up but is now headed towards $250,000.

The Survivor

Faction Support Models

Faction Specialists

Faction Specialists with Snipers

Above you can see some of the rewards from stretch goals that have been unlocked, and some that are yet to be discovered. One in particular that is pretty awesome is the Survivor, he looks insanely cool.

As well as him you have the addition of specialists to each of the teams, from snipers up to hulking Teraton Brute for the Rebs and even the roaring 2nd Generation plague victim.

Have you pledged to see this game come to life?

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