Deadzone Terrain & An Infected Scientist Explored

May 20, 2013 by brennon

Mantic Games have taken a closer look at what exactly is going to be on their terrain sprues for Deadzone. Check out two of them below detailing what you're getting. Also they are looking to fund a rather infected looking doctor...

Deadzone Terrain Sprues

"...the clever folk who have been working on the design have come up with an even better idea: each sprue will now be big enough to hold eight terrain tiles! That means each sprue in the Core Worlds Battlezone gives you six tiles (or five tiles and two half-tiles) and also features plenty of extras like the barricades, supports and walkways shown above"

It certainly looks like it's going to be fun to work with, trying to create something nice and original. Hopefully it's easy to put together too with the connectors not feeling too lose for example. I have found that problem with other kits similar to this.

From what we've seen though we don't have a lot to be worrying about and with other ideas and kits on the way we could see a whole impressive range of terrain on the way. Bring on the blow up and blasted walls!

Doctor Gayle Simmonds

As well as the terrain we have Doctor Gayle Simmonds...

"Doctor Simmonds was one of the genius minds on Nexus Psi, stationed as both an archaeologist and biotechnician.

By the time the Containment Protocol was ordered and the Enforcers landed, Simmonds had already lost her team to the mutant beasts roaming the streets. Having received basic training by the security teams on board her ship during spaceflight, Gayle managed to preserve her life a little better than the others – but it was only a matter of time before the Plague caught up with her.

Defiant in the clutches of a rabid second generation, her body succumbed to the mutant virus, warping far faster than any other victim previous. She eventually awoke from the turmoil, her need for knowledge greatly exaggerated, a base desire to cause pain greatly inflamed.

With vengeance on her mind, Simmonds vowed to destroy those that had left her to this fate."

I want her to get her revenge on the Enforcers! Not often you back the 'bad guys' but let's see the Plague overrun the Enforcers a fair few times in this game I say!

Are you still backing Deadzone?

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