More Deadzone, New Terrain & May Open Day From Mantic!

March 29, 2014 by brennon

Mantic Games have some very fancy things to show off as the weekend hits. Not only are they revealing their Nexus Psi book but they also have a whole host of fancy Scenery AND a new Open Day in May 2014!

Nexus Psi Cover

First up we have the Nexus Psi book which provides you with...

Campaign Rules – A new system for playing a series of linked games between one player controlling the Plague and an opponent controlling a different Faction.

Battlezone: Nexus Psi – A guide to the world on which the campaign is set, including the events that led to the Plague outbreak, as well as a short story.

Faction Focus – Background information on Deadzone’s four primary factions: The Enforcers, the Plague, the Rebs and the Marauders.

...not bad at all!

Landing Platform

Of course a new battlezone means you need to pick up some fancy terrain as well and you can get a massive package of it to be picked up at Adepticon next month. As you can see above when it's painted and made to look all fancy there really is a lot of epic stuff.

Of course if you want to go and see the Mantic chaps and chapettes in person then you can head to their Open Day this May. It is going to be held at the Marcus Garvey Centre on the 17th of May and they will have loads to show off.

Are you going Mantic crazy?

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