DeadZone Terrain Gets a Pledge Level of Its Very Own

May 8, 2013 by dracs

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It's exciting times for fans of DeadZone. We have already had our first looks at some of the awesome terrain that will be appearing for the game and now you have the chance to get your mits on it, with new pledge options!

DeadZone Terrain Pledge

DeadZone Terrain Pledge 2

Here's what Mantic have to say of these new pledges:

We have now added 2 pledge options that allow you to go just for the scenery - so if you love the scenery but are playing a different game right now you can add just the buildings.

- The One-click Urban Battlefield ($100) will give roughly 4 buildings of various sizes to use in a normal wargame.

- The One-click Urban Wargames ($285) will give you enough tiles, connectors and accessory sprues to generously cover a 6 x 4 gaming table with a wide selection of fantastic urban terrain.

For backers of the Deadzone game itself there is more great news, you can now add a buildings upgrade to your pledge!

This is great as, from what we have seen of these BattleZone pieces, they are rather good quality terrain pieces, perfect for use in any sci-fi game as well as DeadZone. This is good for those who might not be interested in playing DeadZone, but still want some awesome terrain pieces for their board.

DeadZone Scenery Sprue

According to the Kickstarter page, more BattleZone terrain pieces will be developed throughout the Kickstarter (the first they are trying to fund being the BattleZone Landing Pad). Each of these BattleZone set will have its own theme and style, allowing for greater customisation options and settings.

Are you guys going to get in on these pledges on the Kickstarter?

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