Deadzone Marauders Call In The Reinforcements

February 12, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games have continued the reinforcement of the factions in Deadzone with the Marauders next on the cards. All aspects of their top notch team have been given a booster pack to help with the struggle planet-side.

Marauder Troop Booster

Marauder Support Booster

Marauder Specialist Booster

As you can see there are plenty of new ways you can tweak your Marauders team when you're playing Deadzone. I still love the Support Booster for this faction as it comes with that bad ass Marauder with the under slung rifle looking mean and keen.

Goblin Guntrakk

If you fancy some more powerful support then you could always call in the Goblin Guntrakk which you can see above. This trundling Mortar looks to be their answer to the other heavy weapons for the Enforcers and the Plague.

Are Marauders your faction of choice and what will you be switching out when you pick up these booster packs?

Drop a comment below.

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