DreadBall and DeadZone Collide!

May 14, 2013 by dracs

The DeadZone kickstarter has been a major success, recently surpassing the number of backers Mantic had for their DreadBall kickstarter. To celebrate this the two games are going to collide in a special bonus scenario!

DeadZone Meets DreadBall

The scenario will be a Search and Rescue mission included in your campaign pack. The when the infection broke out a valuable DreadBall player was caught in the middle of it.

One of DreadBall’s Most Valuable Players caught in the Containment Protocol on Nexus Psi. A Strike Team has been be sent in to extract the MVP on the behalf of the Council of Seven, petitioned by one of the Megacorporations residing in the Co-Prosperity Sphere. It’ll be up to you to save them, capture them or kill them.

Exciting stuff, it will certainly be interesting to see how the players skills at the brutal game transfer over to this nightmare scenario.. No doubt they'll be able to show the rescue team a thing or two. After all, you don't become a DreadBall MVP by cowering in the corner.

Is this an interesting mix of the two games? How do you think it will play?

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