A Greenskin Commander Steps Up For Mantic’s Deadzone

June 13, 2013 by brennon

Mantic Games are still showing off the Sci-Fi additions to Deadzone and below you'll see both a Marauder Commander and Zombie that will make an appearance on the tabletop...

Commando Captain

Zombie Sculpt

The Commando Captain is a little different to the regular Orx since he uses his noggin to try and solve a situation rather than brute force. Still I imagine if he did get into a scrap he'd be smashing heads with that mace/stick.

The Zombie is also an ace addition to the array of miniatures you'll be getting. It's a nice mix between mutant and zombie and seems to have a bit more intelligence about it compared to other living dead counterparts.

Some neat looks into the progress of Deadzone I'm sure you'll agree.

What's your favourite model from Deadzone so far?

Link one below!

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