A Whole Host Of Characters Head To Mantic’s Deadzone!

October 24, 2014 by brennon

Mantic Games have got a whole host of additional characters coming your way for the world of Deadzone. There are quite a few of them so let's kick things off with Enforcer Sergeant Howlett, Plague Aqissiaq and the Asterian Nem'rath...

Enforcer Sergeant Howlett

Plague Aqissiaq

Asterian Nem’Rath

The big winner from this first selection is definitely Sergeant Howlett. I love the cool 'just jumped over something and landed in front of the camera' look that they've gone for and the Wolverine-style claws certainly add to the imagery. The Enforcer armour has always been one of the coolest things in the Deadzone world. Second place goes to Nem'Rath with his very cybernetically enhanced body.

Rebs Eddak P’mera

Marauder Chief Radgrad

Forge Father Bjarn Starnafall

The other half of the available characters come in the form of the Rebs Eddak P'mera, the Marauders Chief Radgrad and finally the bulky form of the Forge Father Bjarn Starnafall. I think despite by love for all things Dwarven Eddak P'mera takes the prize of best of this particular bunch. Bjarn just looks a little too like a statue for my liking. I can't imagine how the Forge Fathers even more in that armour.

What do you think of these characters?

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