Learn More About The Forge Fathers Of Deadzone

December 9, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games have all the new Forge Father Brokkr up for pre-order on their webstore for Deadzone and you can see some of them below. With that in mind they've also put together a neat blog post talking about them as a faction and some of their back story...

Forge Fathers #1

Forge Fathers #2

Forge Fathers #3

Just a snippet...

"Artisans and engineers without peer, the Forge Fathers are one of the few alien races to maintain their own independence from the GCPS. Traditional and dour by nature, they are nevertheless known to produce their fair share of rebellious sons and daughters. It is these ‘Brokkrs’ who are often encountered in Deadzones."

I'm a big fan of the basic infantry you get for the Brokkr in Deadzone with their bright orange jumpsuits that make them all look like criminals. I have been eying up that leader model from the main set to use as a hero in Shadowrun! The big bike and the rumbling warmachines are all awesome as well with the only miniatures I'm not convinced by being the Forge Guard. Something about the suits feels a bit weird to me although I will reserve judgement until I can see them up close.

Are the Brokkr going to be your faction of choice for Deadzone?

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