Mantic Games Take A Sneak Peek Inside Deadzone Incursion

July 10, 2014 by brennon

Mantic Games have been talking more about Deadzone and the latest blog preview takes a look inside the actual Incursion supplement itself. Which faction are you looking forward to most, Forge Fathers or Asterians?

Deadzone Incursion

Incursion allows Mantic to explore more about the two aforementioned factions as well as bringing out rules for new miniatures in existing factions and adds in a whole bunch of abilities and such to go along with them.

Forge Guard


As well as the abilities, new miniature rules and of course factions themselves you'll also have access to some new scenarios to play at higher points costs. There's even a rather fun sounding scenario for the Peacekeepers called Divide & Conquer. I so want it to be DreadBall crowd control!

Will you be picking up Incursion as soon as you can?

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