Mantic Games Unbox The Factions Of Deadzone

December 13, 2013 by brennon

Mantic Games have been checking out what's inside each of the faction boxes for the game of Deadzone. I've seen a bunch of these up close now thanks to my local store and they are quite awesome.

Marauders #1

Marauders #2

First up we have a look inside the box that contains the Marauders. I have to say that those bad ass Ripper Suits are some of the coolest models I think I've ever seen on the tabletop. Typically Orcish too!

The Plague

The Rebs

They have also covered the Plague and the Rebs and both factions have got a brilliant amount of individualism to them. It's nice to see that they all look different and distinct on the tabletop and I now really, really need to get a demo game in of this so I can start having a go.

You might think that it's hard to get hold of this right now unless you are a Kickstarter back but you can find them in some of your Friendly Local Game Stores so keep an eye out for them this weekend.

You and also of course get it through the Mantic Webstore too.

Have you been playing this?

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