Mantic’s Deadzone Competiton & The Awesome Stuntbot!

July 5, 2014 by brennon

Mantic Games have not only got a big bumper competition for their community members but also an awesome look at the Marauders walker, the Stuntbot! We can't have the Orcs being left out when it comes to big stompy machines can we!?


Stuntbot Detail

Stuntbot Rules

The Stuntbot is coated in weapons including a Thermal Cannon, a Flamer, and a Buzzsaw and of course it isn't a push over either. A highly trained goblin pilots this mech and makes sure that everything works properly! I don't think it's as cool as the Strider and its variants but I reckon that a lot of Marauder fans are going to enjoy this.

Unlike the Strider this miniature is going to be a resin kit with lots of detail and a hatch that moves up and down!

As I mentioned above there is also a big Deadzone competition running over on the Mantic Blog where you could win yourself a copy of Deadzone, a Starter Faction Box and a Booster for the faction of your choice.

Just bring on the Forge Fathers soon!

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