Mantic’s Marauders March Upon Deadzone

May 23, 2013 by dracs

The greenskin Marauders of Warpath are also stepping into the fray of Deadzone and today Mantic have been showing off some of the awesome sculpts we'll be seeing.

First we have Marauders in Ripper Suits, heavy load exo-suits which they have fitted for use in combat.

Marauder Ripper Suits

Alongside these armoured monsters are the Marauder Commandos. These have had a bit of a resculpt since the first WIP's appeared in response to feedback on those first minis. What do you think of them now?

Marauder Commandos

Supporting them from a distance the Marauders are backed up by Goblin Snipers.

Goblin Snipers

And of course what Marauder force is complete without their faithful Mawbeast Bombers.

Mawbeast Bombers

All in all a fine collection of greenskin sculpts with which to dominate Deadzone.

Marauder Faction

Of course, this isn't the only sculpt Mantic are showing off. The beautiful Rebel Leader.

Rebel Leader

Have these enticed you into supporting the kickstarter?

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