Mantic’s Ronnie Lets Slip Deadzone Teratons & Yndij

August 5, 2013 by brennon

Ronnie Renton, who is pretty much the Peter Molyneux of wargaming (although he doesn't make over the top decisions!), has shown off some more looks at Deadzone during a period of playtesting at Mantic.

Deadzone Game Preview #1

Deadzone Game Preview #2

Above you can see one of the Teraton in action alongside the Yndij which are little monkey-type fellows with rather long tails. Those look very delicate indeed!

It's nice to see that Deadzone is still progressing well and hopefully we'll see more and more coming out about this game as it gets closer. They unlocked a whole lot during their Kickstarter so there should be a wealth of models to pick up.

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