The Plague Continues To Spread In Deadzone

July 17, 2013 by brennon

Mantic Games are continuing the updates for their Deadzone Kickstarter. It might be funded but now begins the hard work of bringing it all together...

Plague Zombieton

Plague Swarm

Plague Mortar

Above are some of the additions to the Plague force. You will be boosted with a mighty Plague Terraton, Plague Swarm and Plague Mortar team. The Terraton is certainly the best of the lot just because of its sheer size although it does look good too!

I think the addition of the Plague in Deadzone opens up a lot of opportunities within the game. Mantic now get to model a whole load of miniatures for other factions in the Plague style and have fun doing it too.

Are you one with the Plague?

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