The Rebs Call In A Reinforcement Favour For Deadzone

February 15, 2014 by brennon

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Not to be left out the Rebs are also getting some additional booster packs for their Deadzone team thanks to Mantic Games. Check out the soldiers of fortune below...

Rebs Troops Booster

Rebs Support Booster

Rebs Specialist Booster

Each of these sets comes packed with aliens and weapons and practically everything you could think of using to start holding back the enemy Plague, Enforcers, Marauders and more. I think some of my favourites come from the Specialists with those underslung machine guns alongside the blue faced chap in the Support pack.

The Rebs certainly have some of the coolest and more original looking miniatures in the Deadzone range and I think they would also be utterly amazing for use in a role-playing game of some sort to. You could easily have a few of the more human Rebs for something like Firefly.

Which is your pick of the litter?

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