The Strider Powers Into Deadzone In Mantic Games Preview!

July 3, 2014 by brennon

Mantic Games have been talking Striders for Deadzone and in the future, Warpath, over on their Kickstarter page as a week dedicated to Deadzone rolls on. See what you think of the variants for this battlefield walker below...


Plague Strider

Above you can see the Enforcer and Corporation variant of the Strider alongside the more down and dirty looking Plague one covered in rust and probably the blood of many enemies. As you might imagine this means the Strider is a very cool plastic kit that allows you to make one for the Rebs as well!

Strider Variants

Above are some of the unit cards for these walkers and you can either kit them out with long range cannons or the heavy flamer and chainsaw of the Rebs and Plague. Very cool indeed.

So how many of these are on your wishlist?

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