The Chovar Prepares for Deadzone With Forge Fathers & Asterians!

May 15, 2013 by dracs

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Not all sentient life in Mantic's future are humanoid. Take for example the awesome new Chovar Mercenary who is getting sculpted up for Deadzone.

Chovar Sculpt

The Chovar definitely has its own style when placed alongside the other miniatures and models of Deadzone. It is apparently a powerful psychic, possessing a shared consciousness which allows it to perform astonishing computational feats. Like a Mentat from Dune, only with tentacles.

These aren't the only aliens in Deadzone as two new factions have also appeared. The first is the familiar figures of the Forge Fathers.

Deadzone Forge Father

"The Forge Fathers are in the Deadzone for a very simple reason: resources. They are, at heart, miners and artisans, and the fact that the Corporation controls any resource-rich planets is like fingernails down a blackboard to the Forge Fathers. They want it all.

The moment that a Deadzone is declared, Forge Father ships are ready to move in and scour the area for the rich pickings they imagine must have attracted the Corporation in the first place. Often they are right, and their strike teams will be able to pinpoint likely sources of ores and other minerals that can be exploited by follow-up units. However, even the most avaricious of Forge Fathers knows that they must be wary of the original cause of the Containment Protocol, and so their forces arrive encased in the best armour money can buy, armed to the teeth and prepared for anything."

Joining them are a rather more alien group of... aliens. The Asterians.


"Beyond the Creator only they are known to understand the true origin of the Plague and the effects it has on living organisms. Because of this they will send only one of their own in to extract the Artefact and eliminate the Plague, and they accompany this commander with a retinue of Cyphers – the Asterian equivalent of Cyborgs. These large, soulless husks fight with speed and intensity, employing powerful energy-based weaponry and grav-tech to dominate the battlefield." - Kickstarter

Which of these aliens will you choose to combat the threats of Deadzone?

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