The Deathwatch Go Digital in the Emperor’s Chosen

September 5, 2013 by dracs

Fantasy Flight Games have announced that their supplement for the Deathwatch RPG, The Emperor's Chosen, is now available as a download from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

The Emperor's Chosen

This expansion focuses on the glorious history and heroes of the Deathwatch, telling about the various veterans who chose to stay in the Deathwatch for the Emperor's service.

It also provides players with the option to establish a heroic legacy for your Kill Team, providing them with new strategic options as they learn to work together as an effective unit through decades of fighting the xenos threat together.

Deathwatch Marine

Being able to download this means you will be able to quickly bring the narrative depth The Emperor's Chosen offers into your games, providing players with whole new options to explore.

Do any of you play Deathwatch regularly?

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