AntiMatter Pimp Out an Under Water Ride

June 12, 2013 by dracs

Not all the denizens of Deep Wars are naturally aquatic, often resorting to technology both ancient and modern for their sub aquatic sojourns. But few do it in as much style as the Recon Scout of the Ancients of Atalan.

Ancients of Atalan Recon Scout

I love how ornate that, what would it be called under water? A Hydro Jet Bike? Well whatever, I love the level of detail and decoration we can see here. It certainly looks sci-fi, yet also manages to look ancient and archaic. The one fault is that it looks too big in comparison to the rider, although this may be a matter of perspective.

This stylish piece of underwater transport will be heading off to cast soon, along with Ancients of Atalan's Hydraform Underwater Mech.

Hydraform Underwater Mech

There's something you wouldn't want to see swimming towards you. Although it could be worse.


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