AntiMatter Plunge Their Heavy Biomech into Deep Wars

June 20, 2013 by dracs

A new green has appeared in the stygian depths of AntiMatter Games. Something is walking through the depths of Deep Wars, towering over all its fellow swimmers. It is of course the mighty Heavy Biomech.

AntiMatter Heavy Biomech

AntiMatter Heavy Biomech Side

AntiMatter Heavy Biomech Side 2

AntiMatter Heavy Biomech Back

This is one of the most imposing miniatures AntiMatter have created for their Deep Wars range. It is a perfect blend of steampunk / advanced machinery and biological components. Those biological components are themselves pretty cool. We are so used to seeing biomechanical constructs using human components, it is awesome to see one which looks so alien.

AntiMatter Heavy Biomech Scale

Fancy taking a dip with this chap?

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