AntiMatter Prepare to Release Two Terrors of the Deep

August 27, 2013 by dracs

AntiMatter Games have published images of their two latest master casts which are now heading into production and should be scaring off swimmers come September.

First up we have the old favourite the Giant Angler Fish.


Anglerfish 2

It is great to see finished master of this awesome fish again and the inclusion of the coral base is a nice touch. There is a surprising level of detail to what one might think would have been a very simple sculpt, but the finished product really captures the nightmare inducing appearance of the anglerfish while making it large enough to actually be scary.

Then we come to the Dagothonan Brute.

Dagothonan Brute

This guy looks great. The sculpt captures this aquatic monster leaping from a pillar in a style which easily fits in both dry land and under water settings. Everything about this Brute looks dangerous, like the Thing from the Black Lagoon suddenly took steroids, while the sense of motion the sculpt conveys makes this one of the most dynamic miniatures out there.

Together with the Anglerfish the Dagothonan Brute will be getting released this September, so be sure to watch out when going for a swim.

Have any of you tried Deep Wars yet? What are your thoughts on these new models?

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