AntiMatter Show Some Greens Around the Gills

June 1, 2013 by dracs

AntiMatter, maker of those nautical skirmish games Deep Wars and Shadow Sea, have a few more fishy friends joining the party and are showing off the greens they are currently working on.

First there are these previews of the Giant Angler Fish.

Giant Anglerfish

Giant Anglerfish 2

Deep sea fish are scary enough without being super sized. Now imagine them swimming full speed at you precious miniature, intent on biting its head off and then munching down the rest.

Along with this fishy AntiMatter are showing off the sculpt for the Clal-chk Warrior, which will be coming out soon as part of the mini-kickstarter they held back in December.

Clal-chk Warrior

At first glance this miniature looks a little messy. There is a lot of detail here, but not all of it is clearly defined. However, I put this down to it being a WIP and not the greatest photo at that. It really needs a good paint job to help show it off.

Do any of you play Deep Wars? Will these fishy fiends being swimming into your games?

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