AntiMatter Take Your Table Under the Sea With New Terrain

May 5, 2013 by dracs

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Under the sea is an environment entirely alien, full of strange sights and singing crabs. AntiMatter have previewed a new piece of terrain to help you create this bizarre environment. Hydrothermal vents.


These Hydrothermal Vents, as well as helping you to create an underwater gaming table without getting wet, will apparently have some effects on gameplay.

According to AntiMatter "the vents areas form valuable ether crystals but the tube worms, clams and other sea life around them can entangle those that try to recover this treasure."

AntiMatter also recently showed off some prototype stands to help give your minis the appearance of swimming.

Swim Stands

These are far more stylish than a simply clear pole and I like that they allow the miniature to be unclipped to better show their movements in the game.

Do you guys have any tips for making an underwater themed board?

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