The Dark Mariners of Deep Wars Delve Into Twisted Technologies

December 4, 2012 by dracs

AntiMatter Games have published some WIP of the latest upcoming addition to the twisted ranks of the Dark Mariners in Deep Wars. The Deepspawn Reaver Biomech.

Dark Mariners - Deepspawn Reaver Biomech

This mix of machine and... deep sea thingy is the first of the miniatures unlocked by their "mini-kicker" campaign over at kickstarter.

While nicely detailed and realised I don't quite think this miniature entirely holds up to AntiMatter's previous track record. Something about the stance just seems too generic and static. But then I guess it's hard to look incredibly dynamic when your trying to hold a stance at the bottom of an oceanic abyss.

If you want to get in on the goodies provided by this Deep Wars Kickstarter you better hurry as there are only a few hours left to go!

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