A Deep Wars Assault Soldier Heralds New Worthy Painting Work!

July 3, 2012 by brennon

Worthy Painting are seriously getting around at the moment, and they have just been announced as the official painting studio for Deep Wars from Anti-Matter Games! Check out their painted Assault Soldier below...

Deep Wars Assault Soldier Painted (Front)

Deep Wars Assault Soldier Painted (Rear)

A fantastic looking miniatures with a brilliant paint job. I love that they have managed to make it appear like it really is underwater, and the source lighting work is great too. It certainly makes the miniature have a very eerie quality. And here is another great looking miniature in the works...

Fortune Hunter Scientist

This is the Fortune Hunter Scientist. Those extra mechanical arms are making sure she doesn't touch any of those eerie artifacts from the sea bed.

So will this lick of Worthy Painting paint nudge you more towards Deep Wars?

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