A New Techy Makes a Splash in Deep Wars

June 21, 2012 by dracs

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Some new Deep Wars previews have been published up on the ShadowSea blog page. With miniatures in production for the Ancients of Atalan Deep Wars is definitely progressing well.

Deep Wars - Technologist

This guy is the Technologist, wielding tech which allows him to shift dimensions and pass through solid objects such as the wall of a ships hull. Useful when your after the treasured cargo such a ship might have been carrying.

Accompanying him is the Hunter-Killer.

Deep Wars - Hunter Killer

Deep Wars - Hunter Killer Preview

This mech has a nice alien look to it, appropriate when you consider we know less about some parts of the sea than we do about certain areas of space. It looks to me as being a cross between the space ships from the original War of the Worlds films and a manta ray.

Do you guys like the look of these minis? Will any of you be getting into Deep Wars when it is released?

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