Defiance Games Piece Together Their Mighty Mechs

April 3, 2013 by brennon

Defiance Games have been sweating in the factory and some new Mechs are taking shape for both the Americans and the Germans. Check out the fully assembled UAMC Hardsuit first...

UAMC Hardsuit with Grenade Launcher

German Mech Parts

At the top we have the Hardsuit with a Grenade Launcher attachment. It does look practically spot on when it comes to the art we saw previously and despite it having foot-on-rock syndrome it does look very nice indeed. Feels very Ghost In The Shell!

Below that is the German Mech still in pieces but coming together well it seems. We saw the leg for this a week or so, so it appears the foundry has been on over time getting the big burly machines into action.

Will you be picking these up when they become available?

Let me know below!

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