The Germans Head Off to Alien War with Defiance Games

October 4, 2012 by brennon

Defiance Games have announced that the German Panzergrenadiers are now ready for sale! Now it's not just the UAMC that can head off to fight in the Alien Wars...

German Panzergrenadiers

So if you didn't really fancy playing as the Americans you can now take on the Alien menace as the Germans. You can buy them in a range of different packs, allowing you to field a fair amount of them if you wished. Don't forget all the rules for Alien War on online through the Defiance Games website so don't hesitate to head over and try them out.

German Force File #1

German Force File #2

And to help you out here are their Force File cards that you get within the box of marines. Maybe a look through some of their rules will help you decide if you want to pick them up?

What do you think of these new Panzergrenadiers and will you be ordering some?

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