A Bit of “Twisted” Metal With Artful Dodger WIP Scuplt

August 2, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Dodger front

As gamers and we love to see beautiful, clean, finished minis that we can paint up and use in our games, but as hobbiests, it's awesome when you get a peek at the magic and talent that goes into forming a sculpt.

Dodger back

This week, Demented Games is giving us a look at the WIP sculpts for their miniature, the Artful Dodger, for their game Twisted. Having already seen the finished sculpt, it's just the coolest to take a step back and see how it evolved since it's inception. This is where you have to have such respect for the artist, Patrick Masson, that was able to look at the drawings and convey that idea into a 3D sculpt. This is the second piece that they are offering this glimpse into the WIP. More photos will be released soon and I will be anxiously awaiting the next batch to share.

Artful Dodger WIP1

Artful Dodger WIP2

Artful Dodger WIP3

Artful Dodger WIP4

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get a hold of this game.

Fancy getting a little Twisted?

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