A New Twist On M’Dusa By Demented Games

June 16, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Twisted by Demented Games just released pictures of one of their newest miniatures, M’Dusa. M’Dusa is a fantastic “Twisted” spin on the image of Medusa that we’ve come to expect from mythology and movies. She captures the seductive tone of the classic mythology, with a metal/machine quality that any self-respecting steampunk aficionado will love. I want one!

M'Dusa M'Dusa back

If you haven’t already heard of this game and you love the steampunk genre, Twisted should be on your radar! Yes, there’s been quite a bit of steampunk on the scene recently, but the story on this one is so novel and has me HOOKED! They are posting teasers for the game’s back story on their Facebook page and it leaves you anxiously awaiting the next piece. There is truly something for everyone within the range of characters in this game including representation of mythology with M’Dusa as well characters from classic children’s literature like Hansel and Gretel- and just wait until you see the spin on them! I saw formative art on the sculpts at Adepticon and it was AMAZING!

M'Dusa painted

The game is scheduled to go out on Kickstarter in August or September and I for one, cannot wait! I have 2-3 months to make some room on my game tables.

So what do you think? Is there room for Twisted minis on your hobby table?

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