Demigods Rising Enters Final 12 Hours On Kickstarter

August 28, 2014 by brennon

Demigods Rising has entered the final twelve hours on Kickstarter and they've unlocked the awesome Orc Shaman miniature that will be healing up your other heroes and keeping you in the game! Click here for your chance to win your pledge for FREE too!

Shaman Unlocked

As well as that the guys behind the campaign have showed off some of the amazing artwork for both the Crossbowman at $145k and the Swordmistress who will be slicing and dicing her way through the opposition.


Sword Mistress

The artwork for this game, alongside the awesome miniatures, is the coolest thing about this game and because they have so many heroes they really do have  lot to show off! Will you begin pledging within these last few hours for some extra goodies and a boxed game that comes with at least fifty six miniatures!

Demigods Rising (Cover)

Demigods Rising

Jump on the final few hours and of course watch our review we did of the game over the weekend on our Weekender show! The guys really enjoy all the cool combinations you can come up with.

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