Demigods Rising Heading Back To Kickstarter For New Models In Evolution

April 28, 2015 by brennon

Demigods Rising is teaming up with Prodos Games (who will produce the miniatures) to bring a new range of heroes and Demigods to their board game of deity-smashing smiting in June. See what you think of some of the 32mm resin models below showing off what they can do...

Demigods Rising (Board)

What's New?

Well, as you can see the models that you might have known from the original game that launched on Kickstarter have been given a few weapon swaps allowing them to take different options into battle. This means that you'll be seeing a series of multi-part kits allowing you to make these heroes and more however you wish.

Warlord (New)

Tactician (New)

Illusionist (New)

Not only that but this is actually going to change how the models play in the game since you've given them these different options. Each of the models will be at the 32mm scale and make for not only awesome looking pieces for the main game but also potential models for a myriad of other Fantasy games too.

Check Out The Sculpts!

However they haven't just got some renders to show off. The folks at Prodos have been working away on some proper resin miniatures which you can check out below...

Assassin (Front)

Assassin (Rear)

Black Wolf (Front)

Black Wolf (Rear)

The first two above will be models that you know from the Demigods Rising campaign being the Assassin and Black Wolf. The skills of Prodos are clearly in effect here and they've managed to hit the level of detail on the head.

Added to that Prodos really know what they're doing when it comes to actually putting the models together so hopefully, while they look delicate, they'll go together nicely.

Engineers (Front)

Engineers (Rear)

High Elder (Front)

High Elder (Side)

High Elder Alt (Front)

High Elder Alt (Rear)

The look at the new High Elder shows off some of the alternatives you can give your warriors in the game. In her case she can have a different helmet which looks decidedly more impressive and over the top than her original look.

Warlord (Front)

Warlord (Rear)

Above is another of these alternative models with a different take on the Warlord for the game. I think this is one of my favourite models from the range as it stands anyway so it's good to see him back with some awesome looking weapons and armour. He reminds me a lot of the kind of warriors you'd meet in Dark Souls/Demon Souls.

Look for the Kickstarter for this to hit June 2015!

What do you think?

"This means that you'll be seeing a series of multi-part kits allowing you to make these heroes and more however you wish."

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"Look for the Kickstarter for this to hit June 2015!"

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