Demigods Rising Kickstarter Has Now Launched!

August 1, 2014 by brennon

Demigods Rising, which we've talked about a lot on Beasts of War over the past few weeks has finally launched on Kickstarter and you can start pledging for the base game and all those rather nice looking miniatures now!

Demigods Rising Board

The game sees you playing as, as you might expect, a selection of Demigods looking to rise to power by defeating your opponents and then ascending to become the new God of War. Not only do you get a very glossy looking game but there is also a rulebook that matches it in terms of style and you can even give that a read now!

Demigods Rising Rulebook

One of the main draws for the game away from the interesting MOBA style system they've implemented of which we'll talk about later is the miniatures that come in the game!

Demigods Rising Miniatures

These miniatures will not only represent your different Demigods but also the heroes that you choose to bring along with you into the fight. They look fairly awesome right now from the few pieces we've seen in the flesh and the renders for the expansive collection that's also part of the Kickstarter are worth taking a look at.

Demigod Card


The game has a nifty way of tailoring itself towards the playstyle you prefer. Do you like playing the tank, then pick that class and take items and treasure that fit that build. Want to be nimble and deadly then go full on DPS (damage per second) and start attacking with a new set of items. This is there the MOBA style system comes into play allowing you to slot treasure and use it to buff your characters natural abilities.

Alongside the Demigods you also have the heroes which you can see above and they range from Dwarves, to Ogres and even strange 'snake-whip' loving women! Quite the selection when it comes to choosing who is in and who is out.

Basic Box


Above you can see some of the basic box contents and an array of the single miniatures you can buy to go along with the game if you so desired. There is also of course expansion content and more on the way from stretch goals I'm sure so keep an eye out for where the sweet spot is!

Will you be pledging?

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