Demigods Rising Launches August 1st On Kickstarter!

July 31, 2014 by brennon

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Demigods Rising is launching, as the title suggests, on August the 1st. This Friday! The page has been checked over multiple times and it seems as if the guys behind it are raring to go. We've had a good look at this one and we're very impressed.

Demigods Rising Launch Date

Demigods Rising Board

The game sees you taking on the mantle of a Demigod who is fighting alongside his ally heroes to be crowned the new God of War. The game comes with a range of rather neat looking miniatures and plays a little bit like a MOBA given board game form. You can choose an interesting selection of weapons, armour and items each time meaning each hero is tailored to your playstyle.

Will you be delving into this one?

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