Demigods Rising Strategy Game Coming To Kickstarter!

July 15, 2014 by brennon

We've been very lucky to get access to a look at an awesome sounding game coming out soon via Kickstarter called Demigods Rising. It sounds and looks as epic as the name suggests so see what you think of some of the miniatures that are going to be on offer and the game itself!

Demigods Rising Main Box

The game sees you filling the boots of a Demigod and fighting to ascend to become the new God of War! You will take on the mantle of one of these heroes and then assemble a small retinue of followers who will help you conquer those who oppose you!

Demigods Artwork

Demigods Rising Board

The board looks absolutely stunning and very colourful indeed. In terms of mechanics the folks behind the game have tried to take the essence of games like Dawn of the Ancients (DOTA) and League of Legends (LOL) and then work them together alongside a turn based system to create an awesome miniatures game that has plenty of risk and reward like Chess.

  • 2 or 4 players
  • Each battle plays from 30 to 90 min
  • Play as one of Demigods and equip him with items matching your strategy!
  • Chose 3-6 unique heroes and form your party!
  • Decide upon one of many game modes suitable for you experience level
  • Incredible replayability, featuring over 32.000 possible team combinations so you won’t ever have to play with the same team.

The game also comes with a selection of different levels of play, three in fact. From Beginner to Normal and ending with Advanced. Each one of these levels introduces you to new mechanics in the game a little bit like a tutorial. It's something that I'm seeing a lot of board games do now to ease players into complex mechanics.

You can even try and get your head around the rules HERE!

Card Art

Cards & Items

Each Demigod is going to be dealt a hand of cards at the beginning of the game allowing them to slot cool items and powers into character so you can fine tune him or her to your own particular playstyle. The system is a lot like MOBA games in that respect. Combine that with your different heroes and their abilities and you have quite the potent example of 'character building'.

What makes this game pop alongside its gorgeous artwork however are their miniatures. See what you think...

Black Wolf - Pegasus Knight - Wind


High Elder




These character models have been made by 3D sculptor Marco "Splash" Plouffe, who worked on games such as Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex in the past so he certainly knows what he's doing! I have to say that from all these beautiful miniatures the one that stands out the most for me is the Protector. I love the huge hulking form, the brilliant cloak, the armour and of course those two brutal shields. I want to know how much crushing he does with them!

Painted Miniatures

Here's two of them painted up so you can see what they look like! I'm very intrigued by this game and can't wait to see more of it - and of course how it does on Kickstarter! You can head over and check out the preview page where they are still accepting feedback at the moment and of course their Facebook Page for more information.

This could well be one of the big hitters of the summer!

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